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KW Proprietary Technology

Keller Williams agents have direct access to KW’s propriety suite of industry-leading technologies. The company’s significant investment in developing technology solutions means every agent now has all the tools they need to be successful. Agents benefit from KW’s commitment to technology excellence. They know this is where they will grow their client database quickly and easily.


Keller Cloud: What is it?

Think of  KW’s Keller Cloud as all the technology you need for your real estate business, all working together in a seamless manner. These tools were all created at the same time, so they provide the optimal best-in-class solutions for agents. Additionally, they help ensure clients have smooth experiences. Where does all this come from? Artificial Intelligence, or “AI” and what is known as machine learning.

Woman using Command Technology to manage her SmartPlans

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology and you

AI, the acronym for Artificial Intelligence, sounds deceptively simple. In reality,  AI is the future come to life. This is the process where computers go on to do many things without the aid of humans. Basically, AI is the process where a computer can do several things on its own:

  • Actually learn from the experiences it has
  • Receive input and use it to make necessary adjustments
  • Take action just like a human would do

Because the Keller Cloud is leveraging AI, all the tools work in harmony and provide better solutions over time. Therefore, the tools easily handle several tasks for agents such as:

  • Helping you to prioritize your goals
  • Harnessing lead generation activities to increase contacts
  • Providing useful and actionable information from your database

Command Technology at KW

Command Technology is the foundation for every agent’s database. The technology lets agents build and manage their database. Command also helps agents bring their database to life by allowing several functions and activities right in the program. Agents can easily create a SmartPlan to touch their database contacts on a consistent basis.


Organizing Contacts for Efficiency

The technology lets agents assign contacts to various groups, and further organize contacts to receive future communications relevant to their situations.  By identifying those contacts who are engaging in communications from the agent, Command lets agents zero in on those specific contacts to take further action. Providing this information increases the agents’ effective and efficient use of time.

Response-driven Communication

Command lets agents design targeted communication plans for each of their leads. This is especially helpful when leads respond to different communications. An example is a lead that responds to an upcoming event announcement. Agents can use Command to create a SmartPlan to refer the lead to a registration page for the event, and then send out helpful reminders as the event data approaches. Then the agents just needs to have their list of registrants at the event so they can greet them upon arrival.


Command technology makes managing databases a simple and easy task. It also turns data into actionable information. With this knowledge agents have the ideal resources to lead them to success!

Leverage Multi-Channel Strategies in Your Campaigns

A large and multi-faceted library of prepared templates is a hallmark of Command. Therefore it is easy for agents to find just the right marketing collateral. The technology continues to add more features and templates, providing agents with a number of options.


Additionally, Command lets agents customize it for their database. From here, agents then use Campaigns to send these customized messages to their prospects and clients. Agents can create a variety of customized messages that will resonate with their contacts and drive interaction. 

Real estate agent leveraging Command Technology for multi-channel strategies
Analytics and Reporting

Dynamic ads are easy for agents to launch. Command features an industry-leading reporting function that helps agents understand which specific action they should take to drive leads to their sales pipeline. Here is the AI at work, helping agents with their campaigns. With Command, agents can take quick and targeted actions based on the program’s analytics.


Agents can easily launch dynamic ads and then use Command’s powerful reporting function to understand what specific future action to take to drive leads to their marketing pipeline. You can learn what is working best in your Campaigns and then tailor your approach based on those analytics.

It's Your Turn to use Technology to Leverage the World

Command lets agents leverage the world: they have direct access to KW’s large and most-profitable global network of real estate agents. The technology’s features enable agents in several ways:

  1. Locate and interact  with trusted partners
  2. Actually conduct negotiations using Command technology
  3. Set out the details for each deal and make specific arrangements

Keller Williams has a worldwide presence in over 50 regions. The company continues to grow in global reach. Agents at Keller Williams Southern Arizona have full access to this strong network. Not only that–they can also use that network to help their clients and grow their business.

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