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KWSA Coaching Program

The Keller Williams Southern Arizona Coaching Program offers agents comprehensive training, personalized coaching, marketing leverage, and a stream of leads. This multi-faceted approach empowers agents and encourages them to take decisive action, resulting in the attainment of their goals. The Coaching Program is anchored on proven models and systems, engineered to enable agents to start earning commissions within their first 60 to 90 days.


As a tight-knit community of driven agents, the KWSA Coaching Program provides all the benefits and support of being part of a team without the need to form one. Agents have the freedom to retain full control of their own real estate business, while enjoying the advantages of being part of a collaborative network of like-minded professionals.

Training for Agents

The KWSA Coaching Program proven tools and systems are designed to help agents conduct the most important income-producing activities. This lets agents build a robust sales pipeline of consistent closings.

  • Real Estate Essentials Online Training Portal
  • Defined 30-60-90 Days to Success
  • Extensive Training Calendar
  • Several Monthly Workshops

Our Coaches

  • Working with our Coaches will help you set and achieve your individual business goals. You will do this by engaging in strategic planning exercises. Our Coaches will hold you accountable to reaching your specific goals.
  • Each agent receives an initial 1-1 Business Consultation
  • Group Coaching Program
  • A Schedule of Regular 1-1 Business Consultations
Several agents holding hands during a training event in a coaching program.


Agents have access to several leads through the Coaching Program. These leads help you create more business opportunities.

Leverage for YOU

You have support all along the way from our team. This helps you keep moving forward with efficiency and increases your confidence!

  • Daily Calls for Questions and Answers
  • Live Broker Hour Where You can Ask Questions and Learn
  • Exclusive Facebook Group
  • The Entire Market Center Leadership Team
Smiling real estate agent happy with the culture, training, and coaching program at KWSA

Coaching Program Commission Structure

  • Split: 70/20/10
  • Annual Cap: $10,000
  • KWRI Royalty Fee: $3,000
  • Transaction Fee: $150, E&A: $65
  • Initial Startup: $295
  • Monthly: $60

When you have reached your cap on commissions, and have also paid the royalty fee–then you keep 100% of your commissions. We call this capping.

Opportunities on Teams

You also have the opportunity to interview with a number of Keller Williams Southern Arizona teams. Many of these teams often have exciting opportunities you may find appealing. Use our Top 7 Best Questions to Ask a Team list below. This will help you if you want to interview with a team:

Top 7 Best Questions to Ask a Team

  1. Do you offer training and coaching programs?
  2. What type of administrative leverage do you offer?
  3. Do you offer leads? If yes, what type of leads and how many?
  4. Would you share the team commission splits?
  5. What expectations would the team have of me?
  6. How does my role fit in with the team?
  7. Who is the person I should go to for any questions I may have?
Real estate agents in a training event during a coaching program session.

Expectations in the Coaching Program

Our Coaching Program is designed to help you move forward with confidence in your career. Therefore, the following expectations are in place. These tell you exactly what you need to do and how you should participate in the program:

  • You Must Attend Mandatory Orientation Friday 9-12PM at the Market Center.
  • Open and Read All Emails: This is our primary form of communication regarding important tools, resources, and opportunities.
  • Complete the KWSA 30/60/90 Day Checklist: This is your roadmap to success, and has been specifically designed for you as as newly licensed agent.
  • Complete the Essentials Online Training Course: This is your foundation of training. The course includes customizable tools and resources.
  • Review Passport to Success: This includes important Market Center  resources and information.
  • Visit Google Shared Drive: “Agent Resources” folder has many useful and editable tools to save you time and effort.
  • Attend Coaching Calls: Ask questions and get answers so you can keep your momentum moving forward.

Coaching Program Training Calendar

We have created a  calendar to help you keep track of all the Coaching Program activities and events.  This calendar is your place to see what is coming up and determine which classes and events you want to attend. The following events and much more are included on the calendar:

  • Daily Power Up: 8:30AM to 8:45AM
  • Daily Q&A: 4:30PM to 5PM
  • Group Coaching Tuesdays: 1PM to 2PM

What is the Coach’s Role in the Coaching Program?

The Coach’s role in the Coaching Program always focuses on these three pillars:

  • Coaching
  • Training
  • Accountability

 Specifically, you can expect that your Coach will:

  1. Set clear expectations for you
  2. Provide coaching, training, and accountability
  3. Ask thought-provoking questions designed to help you self-discover your own decisions.
  4. Always listen without judgment
  5. Provide honest feedback (even when it hurts)
  6. Maintain complete confidentiality
  7. Give you the power to achieve your goals through accountability
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