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KSCORE Keller Williams Southern Arizona

KSCORE Keller Williams Southern Arizona: Education can be affordable and accessible – students do not have to stress about the cost, other financial constraints, or even having to manage within the confines of a physical classroom. With Keller Williams’ creation of KSCORE, a national, fully-digital, state-of-the-art real estate training program, this ideal is no longer a figment of the imagination. DM me to learn more!


KSCORE has not been approved for real estate licensing education or continuing education. State-approved education courses provided by Kaplan Real Estate Education. Visit for more information.

Coaching and KSCORE Keller Williams Southern Arizona

Here at KWSA, both our Coaching and Recruiting teams fully leverage KSCORE to bring state-approved education courses to participants who are eligible for the program. All of the pre-licensing courses are taught by Kaplan Real Estate Education in a completely online setting. The organization provides everything a student needs to become fully ready to sit for their state exam for a real estate license.

KSCORE Keller Williams Southern Arizona

Are You Wondering Why KSCORE is Special?

KSCORE Keller Williams Southern Arizona is special, for a very specific reason: we register a student through KSCORE. With this registration, the student is able to take the pre-licensing courses at absolutely no cost to them. That’s right–students do not pay even one dime for KSCORE.


How can this be possible? The Keller Williams School of Real Estate was created  specifically to change the way students can access traditional real estate education. In this partnership, Keller Williams brings proven business strategies that support your real estate career and help you reach success. Keller Williams’ real estate training and tools are the best in the industry. On the classroom side is Kaplan Real Estate Education’s* best-in-class real estate licensing and continuing education. With both of these powerful and successful organizations behind KSCORE, participating students have greater accessibility to a successful career in real estate.

Real Estate Agent who benefitted from KSCORE Keller Williams Southern Arizona signing papers with clients.

KW Prep is Another Helpful Resource

What is KW Prep? KW Prep is an additional series of courses that complements KSCORE Keller Williams Southern Arizona. KW Prep courses highlight real-world examples in the real estate industry. Here’s the special part: KW Prep is also available at no cost to students. All of these valuable courses contain tips, tools, and coaching that are built upon the successful and award-winning real estate training offered exclusively through Keller Williams.

KW Prep courses can be taken before, during, or after pre-licensing courses. These courses are not a prerequisite for the state exam. But they are most definitely helpful for your real estate career. By leveraging KW Prep, you will gain confidence in your real estate career. You will also learn solid business development strategies that will drive your business forward. Another important point: you do not need to take the KSCORE Keller Williams Southern Arizona classes in order to take KW Prep!

It Gets Even Better with KSCORE Keller Williams Southern Arizona!

Not only is Keller Williams fully disrupting the traditional real estate education industry–it is offering even more educational benefits for KW agents! Keller Williams agents receive discounts for all Continuing Education courses through Kaplan Real Estate Education.


KSCORE Keller Williams Southern Arizona provides value for all KW agents, from those pursuing their license to agents who must complete their CE credits.


Affordable options, convenience, and the flexibility of the Kaplan Real Estate Education’s online learning platform means keeping up with CE credits is easy. Agents can learn at their own pace, when it is the most convenient for their schedule.

KSCORE Keller Williams Southern Arizona helped this agent complete his classes and pass the state exam so he can help a client buy a home.

KSCORE Keller Williams Southern Arizona, KW Prep, and You

You have all the resources you need for success in the real estate industry with KSCORE:

  • The nation’s most respected and awarded provider of real estate coaching, training, and technology
  • The nation’s most respected and awarded provider of  online real estate education

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