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Dakota Taylor Promotion

Dakota Taylor Promotion


Dakota Taylor Promotion to Agent & Partner Services Coordinator


I am pleased to announce that Dakota Taylor is being promoted to the position of Agent & Partner Services Coordinator for all of our offices.


Dakota will be responsible for ensuring consistency in Agent onboarding and service processes, accuracy of data, and leading process improvements to streamline and expedite these critical functions. 


Agents can contact Dakota by email at her new email address,, or by phone at 480-767-3000


Dakota’s new role provides several major advantages across all offices:


  1. Ensures required Agent data is captured efficiently and effectively
  2. Single point of contact speeds issue resolutions
  3. Process improvements can be implemented across the board
  4. Consistency among offices eliminates non-value added location-specific differences
  5. Important functionality found at one office can be easily implemented system wide


This promotion from within recognizes the hard work and dedication of one of our valued team members. It is with much happiness that I am able to announce this promotion. I am grateful to all of our team members for working together to help make this new position possible. We are helping our Agents and our Partners while also gaining a valuable resource and a new direction for one of our most important functions.


Please join me in congratulating Dakota Taylor as she starts in her new role!


All in,


David Morse

CEO, Keller Williams Arizona Realty




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