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Meet Jake Kindem: Team Leader, Keller Williams Southern Arizona

Meet Jake Kindem


Meet Jake Kindem!


An interview with Jake Kindem, Team Leader at Keller Williams Southern Arizona.

1. Tell us about your background and interest in real estate.

Our family has deep roots in Tucson, so this opportunity is a dream come true for us, to make our home in a city as special as this. My grandpa was the Pastor of Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church for seven years in Tucson. Additionally, my mom spent several of her formative years in the city, and she always shares how much she loved living there. My brother and his wife currently live in Tucson. They both went to University of Arizona, and we all cheer for the Wildcats–we have a lot of school pride in our homes. My sister-in-law was born and raised in Tucson, and she knows all the great places to see and things to do. 


My lovely wife Maryel’s parents live in the Queen Creek area, and she also has family in Tucson. Maryel visited Tucson every Spring Break for 20 years while she was growing up. Maryel and I have two sons: Ford, two and half years old, and Viggo, seven months. We are excited to bring them to Tucson so they can enjoy their childhood years in this great city.


I have been in the real estate industry for just over five years, and I have been with Keller Williams from the beginning. In my career, I started as an Agent, served on the ALC, and then joined the market center leadership team. Over the past three years at Keller Williams Beach Cities, I served as an Assistant Team Leader, and then Team Leader.


2. What brought you to Keller Williams Southern Arizona?


One of my biggest values is opportunity, and I see a whole lot of opportunity in Tucson, Southern Arizona, and at the market center. My family and I are excited to explore a new world in Tucson, and to meet and work with the agents at KWSA. There are many adventures we are looking forward to, as Tucson is such a beautiful and exciting city. We look at the stunning mountains, vibrant neighborhoods, great places to eat, and natural beauty of the surrounding area, and we feel very fortunate to be in such a great place.


3. What are the strengths and skills you bring to your role as a Team Leader? 


My biggest emphasis is always on teamwork. I know I cannot accomplish much by myself, nor do I want to. So one of my strengths is a strong focus on collaboration. I tend to be a good listener, and very even-keeled in my thought processes. Still, I am decisive, and definitely competitive! I want us to win, and I am passionate about helping others win as well. 


4. What is your first priority for the market center?


My first priority is to get to know the agents. They are the most important part of the market center, so my goal is to listen and ask a lot of questions. I want to know all of the agents who are with the market center, and the reasons they have stayed with KWSA. I would like to know their goals and what they are looking for from their market center and the Leadership Team. Ultimately, I want to invest in the people at the market center and get to really know them. 


5. What is the secret to your success?


Determination! I have the gift of grit–I move quickly, but at a rate that is sustainable. Very few people follow up as much as I do. If something is important, why wouldn’t someone follow up several times if necessary? I often see myself as a conductor; people don’t come to see me when they attend the orchestra, but my role is essential to ensuring the show goes on and I am passionate about and gifted at developing others. What I really do is connect people to the value for them: the people and the resources they need. And I am intentional about making those connections. I consider all of the opportunities that might work and focus on the best choices.


6. If you could give one piece of helpful advice to a new real estate agent, what would that be?


Don’t put limits on yourself! Be your own biggest advocate, and don’t stop until you get what you need. Focus on your own definition of success, not someone else’s. Also, don’t let other people tell you what your career story should be. For example, if an agent starts their career on a part-time basis, they should not listen to someone who says they won’t be successful. That’s just not true. I have met several highly successful agents who started out and even continue to be part-time agents. These agents wrote their own story and found success and happiness.


7. Where will we meet Jake Kindem in the future?


We would love to have a home base in Arizona. I have spent time visiting different parts of Arizona throughout the years, and it has become one of my favorite places in the world. I love Saguaro National Park and I have a goal to hike the Grand Canyon rim to rim next year.


We do like to travel, so our goal is to be fluid down the road with where we might find ourselves. I love to be challenged, help others, and lead with a focus on success. It is very important to me to be around people who are talented and want to make continual improvement and progress in their lives and careers.


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